Where Did The Magic In Your Relationship Go?

It Takes Two To Make A Relationship Work...
It Takes Two To Make A Relationship Work…

Welcome! How’s that relationship that you are currently involved in going for you? I hope that it’s going well, but unfortunately the statistics seem to indicate that this might not be case. The stats say that

  • Almost 49 percent of the marriages end up in divorces
  • First marriages end up in divorces in an average duration of just less than 8 years
  • 60 percent of all divorces are related to individuals aged 25 to 39

Ouch! This is rough, but what about all of you folks out there who aren’t married but who are involved in a long-term relationship? If the married folks can’t keep it together, what chance do you have?

I can’t say that a single blog can change the whole world, but just maybe this one can change a few lives — like yours. Look, I think that I know what the problem with our relationships is — and even better, I think I know what needs to be done to fix the problem.

It turns out that a relationship between two people is a magical thing when it first starts — we can think of almost nothing else. Every moment with the other person is magical and we eagerly anticipate when we’ll be able to spend more time with them. Then time passes.

Look, we still love them and we think that they still love us. However, life gets busy and we find ourselves spending our time doing a lot of other things and all of sudden one day we wake up and realize that the relationship that we are in is not so magical any more. Is it time to ditch the relationship and go looking for love somewhere else?

Hey, that’s always an option, but I’m asking you to hold on for a moment. The relationship was magical in the beginning. There’s no reason that it can’t be magical once again — you just need to figure out how to make that happen.

A quick side note here: if you’re waiting for your partner to realize that the magic is gone and then fix things, don’t. Look, they may not realize that you’ve got a problem and even if they do, they probably don’t know how to fix it. Look, you’ve thought about ditching the relationship and looking for love somewhere else, what makes you think that they aren’t having the same thoughts? The responsibility for starting the process of fixing your relationship rests on your shoulders and so accept the responsibility and let’s move on.

Here’s the big secret that your parents never told you: a relationship is a job. That means that you have to work at it if you want it to be successful. A job you say? Yep, just like everything else that is good in this life if you want your relationship to be successful you are going to have to take the time and make the effort to make it work.

Now don’t get me wrong — this should be a job that you love. I mean, you love your partner, don’t you? What I’ve found is that even if people are willing to work at making their relationship work, all too often they simply don’t know how to do it. Once again, our parents never sat us down and had THIS talk with us.

Good news — I’ve cracked the code, solved the puzzle, figured out the riddle, whatever you want to call it. The key to making a relationship work over the long time is — seduction. Sounds naughty doesn’t it?

Turns out that seduction is exactly what was going on in your relationship when you started it and it’s what’s been lost. We need to find a way to get it back.

Oh, one other thing. The type of seduction that I’m going to be teaching you is not a one-shot deal. Instead, I’m going to be showing you how to do “constant seduction” so that once you get good at it you’ll be able to use in your relationship forever and the two of you will be able to walk into that sunset hand-in-hand feeling the magic.