How To Invite Intimacy Back Into Your Bed

Your bed should be where intimacy starts

Ah, the bed. So much promise is contained by it when we go to bed each evening; however, how often is that promise fulfilled? Consider my situation just a while ago. I found that when my wife and I were going to bed, we’d both do the normal evening toiletry stuff and then we’d crawl … Read more

Power Can Be Sexy In A Relationship

Who Is In Charge Can Be A Real Turn-On

When I think about sex, I think about things like cuddling, kissing, stroking and the intertwining of body parts. There always seems to be a soft light glowing on the scene that I’m picturing and pleasant music playing in the background. This is what sex is to me. However, I’m willing to admit that perhaps … Read more

Can You Rekindle Seduction In A Relationship In 10 Minutes?

Sometimes it only takes a few minutes to get things started

When we think about what it’s going to take to relight the fire of passion in our relationship we often feel ourselves getting tired. I mean, this sure seems like it’s going to take an awful lot of work. Go buy a bunch of candles, make a dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant, get rid … Read more

What Is Your “Relationship Priority”?

Our priorities change, where does your relationship rank now?

Would you like your relationship with your significant other to be better? I’m willing to bet that the answer to that question is a “yes”. Ok, so we can both agree that that would be a good thing. However, now comes the hard question – just how important is making your relationship better to you? … Read more

Where Did The Magic In Your Relationship Go?

It Takes Two To Make A Relationship Work...

Welcome! How’s that relationship that you are currently involved in going for you? I hope that it’s going well, but unfortunately the statistics seem to indicate that this might not be case. The stats say that Almost 49 percent of the marriages end up in divorces First marriages end up in divorces in an average … Read more