The Seductive Power Of Kissing

Kissing is so very simple but it is also the key to a good seduction
Kissing is so very simple but it is also the key to a good seduction
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So you want to re-seduce your partner. That’s a good plan. Now just exactly how are you going to go about doing that? If money was no object, then you could fly them some place fantastic for a wonderful dinner and the have them fall into your arms thanking you for the best night of their life. Ok, now let’s get back to reality. You not only have limited financial resources, but also limited time and probably a whole other bunch of limitations. So what are you going to do? Well guess what, one of your most powerful seduction tools is waiting for you to make use of it. It’s free, you’ve used it in the past, and with a little time and attention it could play a major role in your next seduction – kissing.

The Power Of Kissing

How is it that we tend to overlook kissing so often? I think that one of the reasons that we can easily forget about it is because we associate kissing with the start of a relationship. Remember way back when as you were courting your partner there was that one magic moment where you gazed into their eyes, and then decided that this was the moment that you wanted to fundamentally change your relationship with them and so you leaned in for that first kiss? Wow – talk about a powerful moment. I’m going to guess that they returned the gesture and that’s why they are your partner today. However, relationships move on and things like sex get involved and if we’re not careful we can forget about the power of kissing.

One of the reasons that kissing is so powerful is because it’s so easy to do. All it takes is for the two of you to be in the same location at the same time and for one of you to decide that a kiss is called for. You can be inside or outside, you can be at home or someplace else, you can be getting ready to enter a room or you might already be in the room. Additionally, you may be alone or there could be people surrounding you. Kissing is a publically accepted way for two partners to interact and so you can kiss your partner at any time. What this means for you is that you really should be kissing your partner more often than you are doing right now.

When you kiss someone, you are telling them something important. There is really no way that you can be distracted when you kiss someone. I mean, you can be but if you are they will know instantly. To do a good job of kissing someone, you for that moment in time you have to focus on them and then basically open yourself up to them as you go in for the kiss. They always have the right to pull away from you and reject your offered kiss. However, assuming that they don’t then they have accepted your offer of affection and with a little luck they may choose to return it. When this happens the two of you, no matter how short the time is, have once again become lost in each other.

How To Do Kissing The Right Way

So look, this kissing stuff seems to have gotten you this far, right? Why should we even take any time talking about how to actually go about doing it? Well, look – when you go to kiss your partner, you are sending them a signal that you are thinking romantically about them. They may be accepting your signal because they don’t want to leave you with a feeling of not being romantically accepted; however, they may not be seeking your particular style of kissing out. Yep, you might be doing this kissing thing all wrong.

Fine then, let’s take a look at how kissing SHOULD be done. First, let’s all agree on what we’re trying to communicate when we attempt to kiss someone. We are first off trying to get their attention. They may be doing something else. When we kiss them, we want them to stop what they are doing and completely focus on us. We want them to appreciate our kissing style and to look forward to it. Running and hiding is not what we are looking for here. We’d also like any kisses that we give to our partner to be returned. When we kiss them, we’d like to stir something in them that makes them want to kiss us back. Wow – sure seems like a lot to ask for a simple physical gesture.

How are we going to make all of this happen? It turns out that it’s pretty simple. The first thing that you need to do is to move slowly. The last thing that you want to do is to startle your partner. Next, you need to determine where you want to kiss them. Yes, the lips are always a good spot, but if they are turned away from you or their lips are doing something else (eating) then you need to pick somewhere else. I would suggest the neck – there is something erotic about being kissed on the neck that just about everyone responds to. When you go to give a kiss, go in for the kiss, then just before giving it pull back, pause, and then go in and deliver it. This gives your partner just a moment to build up some anticipation that can make the moment seem even more special. Finally, stay no longer than to a count of three. All of these steps taken together will allow you to deliver a kiss that your partner will appreciate and with a little luck will be returned to you with gusto!

– Dr. J.

Question For You: When do you think that tongues should get involved in the kissing process?

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