The Seductive Power Of Kissing

Kissing is so very simple but it is also the key to a good seduction

So you want to re-seduce your partner. That’s a good plan. Now just exactly how are you going to go about doing that? If money was no object, then you could fly them some place fantastic for a wonderful dinner and the have them fall into your arms thanking you for the best night of … Read more

My Intimacy Is Not Your Intimacy

Lovers have to find ways to get intimacies to align

When we are trying to seduce our partner once again, we often have a goal in mind. We’ll know that we’ve been successful in seducing them if we can find a way to get them into bed. Fantastic – I like having a clearly stated goal just as much as the next person. Umm, however, … Read more

What To Do When Sex Becomes Boring

Don't let your sex ever become boring – take action!

So shall we talk about your sex life? I don’t mean to get to personal, but how is it going? Lots of us can think back to when our relationship with our partner was new and we have very pleasant memories of having sex with them – the first time, the first time that we … Read more

How To Invite Intimacy Back Into Your Bed

Your bed should be where intimacy starts

Ah, the bed. So much promise is contained by it when we go to bed each evening; however, how often is that promise fulfilled? Consider my situation just a while ago. I found that when my wife and I were going to bed, we’d both do the normal evening toiletry stuff and then we’d crawl … Read more

Power Can Be Sexy In A Relationship

Who Is In Charge Can Be A Real Turn-On

When I think about sex, I think about things like cuddling, kissing, stroking and the intertwining of body parts. There always seems to be a soft light glowing on the scene that I’m picturing and pleasant music playing in the background. This is what sex is to me. However, I’m willing to admit that perhaps … Read more

Can You Seduce Someone Using Laughter?

Laughter is a powerful way to seduce your partner

So here’s an interesting question for you: just how important is laughter when you want to seduce your mate? I think that we can all agree that humor and laughter are very powerful emotions. It takes a lot to make us laugh and when we do, it can be quite difficult for us to stop. … Read more

Where Did The Magic In Your Relationship Go?

It Takes Two To Make A Relationship Work...

Welcome! How’s that relationship that you are currently involved in going for you? I hope that it’s going well, but unfortunately the statistics seem to indicate that this might not be case. The stats say that Almost 49 percent of the marriages end up in divorces First marriages end up in divorces in an average … Read more